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Children and Babies

At Livingston Chiropractic we adjust babies and children of all ages. Chiropractic care for children is very gentle, only light pressure is needed to adjust the supple spine of an infant or young child and most little patients really enjoy their visits to the chiropractor.

Children can benefit from chiropractic care and the younger they are when they start the better. A traumatic birth, learning to sit or walk and falling over whilst doing so, or playing sports can all lead to trauma and misalignments in the spine which may be helped with chiropractic care.

Astrid’s own children both had their first chiropractic adjustment when they were only minutes old and have been receiving regular adjustments ever since.

Common Questions Related to Chiropractic for Children and Babies

Why should I consider chiropractic for my children?

A child encounters many physical stresses during their growing years. The resulting problems in children’s spines can occur at almost any point in their development and growth.

The earliest challenge a growing spine faces is the position it is forced to adopt in utero. Many women will have heard of foetal positions that can cause problems with labour such as brow, breech, transverse and posterior. What is less well known is that these foetal positions can also cause problems in the baby’s spine as well.

Spinal segments can be pushed out of place or jammed by the position of the baby in the womb. If this position is less than optimal, it can result in a longer and more difficult trip through the birth canal, which can compound the spinal problems. In this way, even natural birthing methods can stress an infant’s spine and nervous system, not to mention interventions such as induction, forceps, vonteuse suction, or ceasarean section. The latter, while appearing to offer a less traumatic birth for the child, can actually create additional traumas and compromises the infant’s future health and well-being.

Since significant spinal trauma can occur at, or prior to birth, many parents elect to have their newborn’s spine checked right after birth. Many developmental milestones such as learning to hold up the head, sitting upright, crawling, and walking are all activities that are affected by spinal alignment and are important times to have a child checked by a chiropractor. Additionally, falls, sports injuries, playground bumps, heavy school bags and sitting all day in the classroom are all physical stresses to the growing child’s spine and nervous system.

What does chiropractic care involve?

The first thing a chiropractor will do is to conduct a thorough history of your child’s health and any complaints. This is followed by a complete physical examination of the child’s spine. Chiropractors are trained to evaluate paediatric spinal problems, and will use gentle, specific skills to find and adjust any involved spinal areas.

Chiropractic care is tailored to the individual and their particular spine, and children are no exception. We offer specific, gentle adjustments appropriate to the infant and child’s spine and cranium.

Spinal adjustments for infants and young children involve very light fingertip pressure to correct spinal misalignments. This amount of force is often not more than a finger touch. This is usually sufficient to restore mobility to spinal joints which have become locked and are causing interference to the normal nervous system function. Occasionally, the adjustments will make a popping sound when the spinal joints are moved; however, this is not always heard when children’s spines are adjusted. Other techniques involve the use of hand-held instruments which offer specific and gentle correction.

Does it hurt?

In general, chiropractic care for children is painless, except in cases where the child has an actual injury. In these areas, the child may be sensitive to touch; however, once the adjustment has been made and the area can heal more effectively, the sensitivity is alleviated. Overall, most parents report that their children enjoy their spinal adjustments and that they look forward to their next visit.

How long will it take?

A child’s spine will generally respond much faster than an adult’s spine to chiropractic adjustment and will often require only a few adjustments to restore normal function. The actual number of adjustments will vary depending on many factors such as the length of time the problem has been present.

How can I tell if my child has spinal problems?

Unless a child has an obvious problem it can be difficult for a parent to recognise when a child’s spine is not working correctly. There are some signs which can indicate spinal problems. These include:

Some reasons parents take their children to a chiropractor are:

But, just to be clear, chiropractic does NOT cure anything and Livingston Chiropractic is not making any such claims. What it does is remove nerve interference allowing the body to function properly, heal and regulate itself as it was intended to do.

One common reason for parents to seek chiropractic care for their child is physical trauma from an injury of some sort. The spinal misalignments that may occur at the time of the injury will not necessarily result in immediate pain or symptoms. In addition to physical stress, parents should be aware that emotional and chemical stress affect the child’s nervous system and may also warrant a spinal check up.

Regular chiropractic checkups can identify potential spinal dysfunction resulting from these stresses, and chiropractic adjustments may help to enhance future function and well-being.

Why choose Livingston Chiropractic?

Dr Astrid Sherwood (Doctor of Chiropractic) has over ten years experience treating patients of all ages. She regularly treats new mothers to be during pregnancy, new born babies and children.

At Livingston Chiropractic children are made to feel comfortable with Adjusta Bear, a teddy bear with an adjustable spine. There are also toys and books for children in the reception area.

Astrid is also a mother of two children, Hannah and Felix. They both received their first chiropractic adjustments immediately after birth and continue to have regular chiropractic care.